The AI Invasion – A Signum Special Report

“AI has created a new logic of data accumulation that feeds the information capitalism of the Tech Titans: allowing them to predict and modify financial behaviour as a means to boost revenue and assert market control.

In this report, you’ll learn how these Tech Titans plan to invade every corner of the financial industry. They will attempt to repurpose banking, insurance, retail investing, fund management, venture capital.

Access to Signum’s Re/set Research Service will prepare you for this new economy: the culture, the risks, the shocking new investment themes, the new industries that will spring up from nowhere in an environment of escalating uncertainty.”

What you’ll learn…

  • Why AI will be the first great new utility of the 21st century – like electricity, gas and water, AI is set to become an indispensible part of modern business
  • How China’s Alibaba is leading the first wave of Fintech platform disruptors – we reveal the business model that could become the template tech titans in the West will adopt for their own takeover
  • Winners and losers of the coming AI arms race – artificial intelligence comes in many flavours and each format will be fighting it out for supremacy. We reveal how the battle is likely to unfold…
  • How rogue AIs could trigger major stock market shock & network shutdowns – the AI takeover bring its own unique set of risks and Black Swan events. We take an investors’ eye view of the emerging AI security sector for growth prospects

About the team

Signum’s driving force is Michael Orme – a veteran of the futurist and bleeding edge tech trends. Back in the 1980s he ran Regis McKenna’s London operation, then Silicon Valley’s premier marketing firm, where he worked at the top level with Intel, Apple and Genentech and others. As a writer in residence at the DTI Foresight project in the mid-‘nougties’, and co-founded Cambridge Convergence which brought Cambridge University spin-out companies together with business angels and VCs. His consulting has also led to commissions for indepth briefings on robotics, AI, self-driving cars, and the Industrial Internet for institutional clients.

Eoin Gleeson is a former complexity scientist and Editorial Director of Money Week – the UK’s biggest weekly financial magazine. Eoin was been writing and investing in FinTech and cryptocurrencies since the early days of the boom, and is heavily involved in the new financial system that is gestating.