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How the Tech Titans are Using Cloud Based AI to Infiltrate, Disrupt and Colonise the Global Financial Industry

Most people will miss the BIGGEST Fintech story of 2017…

And yet it has the potential to have the most profound and disruptive impact on every corner of the financial services industry and banking sectors.

But this isn’t about the start-ups…

In fact, the overall amount invested in Fintech fell from $46.7 billion in 2015 to $24.7 billion in 2016.

The real FINTECH REVOLUTION involves some of the biggest and most recognised companies in the world

Right now, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Alibaba are partnering with markets, hedge funds, investment houses and Fintech start ups – feeding them artificial intelligence through the cloud.

In the process, they are collecting a torrent of real-time data on the financial activities of billions of global users.

And they are using this information to drive SMEs and Millennials towards financial services on their platforms – offering them frictionless payments, loans, money market funds, wealth management tools and personal guidance.

This is the start of a comprehensive takeover.

It goes way beyond just the applications of AI – this is a fundamental reset of the entire financial industry – as disruptive as the change from steam power to electricity was 200 years ago…

AI is always on. It doesn’t sleep,
commute, or take vacations

The new wave of financial AI is about to redefine and transform risk assessment, portfolio management and financial research.

It will rip out legacy technologies and replace with decentralised, networked and often open source (ie: FREE) tools.

In this new report – THE AI INVASION – Michael Orme and the Signum team analyse the deep impact these developments will have on the financial industry and the opportunities and threats they pose.

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Last year, Ex-Barclays CEO Anthony Jenkins warned that the big banks are facing a 50% reduction in their staff and a 60% drop in profitability. He warned:

“Banking is facing its Uber moment”

A 2016 survey by PwC suggests that more than 8 out of 10 financial services companies believe specific aspects of their businesses are at risk from Fintech startups.

And yet…

The most potentially destructive force comes from hyperscale AI that is now poised to challenge and outperform financial professionals in a retail banking, asset management, venture capital and other keys areas.

This is no time for bunker mentality…

It is a chance to develop a strategic response to the changes, identify investment opportunities, systemic threats and position your organisation for what lies ahead.

In the new Signum Intelligence Report – The AI Invasion – you’ll discover:

  • Why AI will be the first great new utility of the 21st century – like electricity, gas and water, AI is set to become an indispensible part of modern business
  • The companies to follow – Investment professionals can compete by scaling up investments in AI – specifically into the infrastructure, platforms, security and key applications – use Signum’s watchlists to direct your research
  • How China’s Alibaba is leading the first wave of Fintech platform disruptors – we reveal the business model that could become the template that Tech Titans in the West will adopt for their own takeover
  • Winners and losers of the coming AI arms race – artificial intelligence comes in many flavours and each format will be fighting it out for supremacy. We reveal how the battle is likely to unfold… Help you exploit AI’s vast computing power to deliver greater client value and returns…To gain a competitive edge through early adoption of the key AI technologies and applications…To identify the companies that are set to grow off the back of delivering the AI itself (and those at greatest threat from the new AI-fuelled competitors)
  • How rogue AIs could trigger major stock market shock & network shutdowns – the AI takeover brings its own unique set of risks and Black Swan events. We take an investors’ eye view of the emerging AI security sector for growth prospects
  • The vital role AI will play in risk assessment, portfolio management and financial research and how it could affect your business

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“Where did all our customers go?”

One of the most dramatic effects of the AI Invasion will be to redirect tens of millions of customers away from the traditional financial service providers…

Fuelled by a mistrust of Wall Street, central banks and incumbent financial institutions, hundreds of millions of customers are rejecting the traditional financial system in favour of algorithms and one-stop-shop platforms.

According to a recent poll by Harvard University, 86% of millennials distrust Wall Street.

There are 75.4 million millennials (aged 18 – 34) in the US and make up 23% of the population – the largest generation in US history.

AI is the logical and most attractive alternative – it is free from negative sentiment, scandal or perceived inequalities.

AI is seen as unbiased, benign and hyper efficient.

The flight to AI could hasten a collapse in the power of banks, funds, brokers and professionals as their information supremacy is challenged.

Within the next five years, we are likely to see a reinvention of the entire financial system as math, code and encryption establish vast new trust networks.

But what will be the real impact?

It could be sudden, unpredictable and reshape the global industry in ways once unimaginable.

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Prepare for the real AI Disruption

It’s essential that you are prepared for the impact that AI and other disruptive technologies will have on your investment decisions, the monthly Signum Re/set Research Service will guide you through the industrial chaos as society transitions to Artificial Intelligence.

For professional and retail investors the benefits are clear:

  • It will help you exploit AI’s vast computing power to deliver greater client value and returns
  • To gain a competitive edge through early adoption of the key AI technologies and applications
  • To identify the companies that are set to grow off the back of delivering the AI itself (and those at greatest threat from the new AI-fuelled competitors)

What’s the Buzz on the Darkweb?

As you’ve seen week after week, Michael draws from a very wide official and unofficial channels – VCs, Quants, neuroscientists, hackers, philosophers, crypto currency traders and historians…

We venture deep into the darkweb to sit in on coding communities and private forums plotting and cooperating on the next iteration of blockchain, deep learning and robotics.

These people don’t pop up on Bloomberg or CNBC.

They don’t do interviews in the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal.

Signum also draws on a network of global connections in China, Africa and Silicon Valley itself…which allows us to follow deeply disruptive underground developments in genomics, fabrication and leapfrogging industries.

Signum’s driving force is Michael Orme – a veteran of the futurist and bleeding edge tech trends.

Back in the 1980s he ran Regis McKenna’s London operation, then Silicon Valley’s premier marketing firm, where he worked at the top level with Intel, Apple and Genentech and others.

During the 1990s he was a strategy consultant to HP’s global PC division and European channels operation.

As a writer in residence at the DTI Foresight project in the mid-‘nougties’, and co-founded Cambridge Convergence which brought Cambridge University spin-out companies together with business angels and VCs.

His consulting has also led to commissions for indepth briefings on robotics, AI, self-driving cars, and the Industrial Internet for institutional clients.

To help bring Michael’s research into focus, he’s joined by Eoin Gleeson – former Editorial Director of Money Week – the UK’s biggest weekly financial magazine. Eoin was been writing and investing in FinTech and cryptocurrencies since the early days of the boom, and is heavily involved in the new financial system that is gestating.

Together they can deliver even the most complex ideas and emergent trends in a way that is easy to grasp but undiluted.

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With Signum’s new Re/set Research Service, you can better recognise the companies in your portfolio that are exposed to disruption from technology.

Investment professionals will need to dive deep into assessing a company’s AI capabilities as well as its market share, financials and forward guidance.

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The world is changing fast.

A major reset is underway.

Conventional predictive models are no longer reliable.

We’d like to help you through these exciting times – avoiding the traps and seeking out the areas of growth.

Get ready. Join us.


The Signum Team