Forensic Risk Analysis for Investors

We investigate the impact future tech developments will have on core industry

We specialise in high level risk-analysis. Pinpointing future developments at the cutting edge in cloud computing, bio-genetics, intelligent chip development and new and emerging technologies. If you would like to work with us we’d be interested in hearing from you

1. We Help You Identify Toxic Investments in Your Portfolio

• INDUSTRIAL RESET: 40% of semiconductor companies have been wiped out in last couple of years and we believe this just the start. We expect seismic shifts for several other legacy industries that have substituted debt for innovation over the last three decades. Find out whether you are currently holding any positions on our watch list.

• TOXIC PROFILE: Do you own companies that fit this profile: heavy on debt, bureaucratic, vulnerable to platform adjacency? We give you full ongoing risk assessment.

2. Pinpoint Which Companies Are Best Positioned to Thrive

• WATCHLIST OF 15 SMALL AND MID-CAPS: Find out which companies are best positioned to help Tech Titans build this new system of sensors, oscillators, storage and to help them make sense of these escalating flows of digital information.

TECH SHOCK: The system is still in its early stages and keeps mutating. It has needs, tendencies. It breaks down. We have a watchlist of 16 companies solving chronic problems such as memory shortage, foundry capacity, vulnerable networks, dark code, disaster highways.

3. Alert You to Imminent Risks to Your Portfolio (Over the Next 12 – 24 Months)

• CREDIT MELTDOWNS: A quarter of outstanding global corporate debt (as much as $3.4 trillion) is linked to utility and auto-industry bonds that rely on fossil fuel activities. We look at scenerios which could present an imminent risk to your portfolio.

SYSTEMIC EVENTS: We are deeply concerned about the prospect of a Lehman-scale cyber event, where an attack on a critical part of the digital infrastructure leads to widespread blackouts and internet outages in the US, with devastating economic consequences. We’ll show you which industries are exposed to this (it’s more than you think)

We prepare you for this new economy: the companies that will thrive, the companies that will disappear, shocks, the new risks, the new investment methods, the new industries that will spring up from nowhere

We consult big macro managers, private equity and anyone looking to chase new industries and investments. And we usually recommend that new clients take three immediate measures.

We believe the next decade will be dominated by a struggle for control between two competing and deeply flawed ideologies.

This transformation is a troubling one for professional investors. A new set of anxieties will breed structural uncertainty in boardrooms and fund houses across the world.

Already industries are being shaken out. Companies are disappearing overnight. We see blue chip companies preparing for the worst: oil states moving money into property, engineering giants such as GE investing billions to reinvent themselves.

Who are we?

Michael Orme, Chief Brain

Michael has spent over 40 years analysing technology trends and actual and potential disruptions brewing in left field. He wrote one of the first books on the microprocessor revolution, called “Micros: a Pervasive Force” (1979), which ran to a Japanese edition. He ran the European operation of what was then Silicon Valley’s premier marketing consultancy Regis McKenna dealing at the top level with clients such as Apple, Intel and Genetech. He ran customer opinion auditing and CIO relations programs for HP in Europe. He is currently working on a book about how upcoming technologies will impact intimate human relations, and is involved in private equity in Kenya.

Eoin Gleeson, Director, Research

Eoin’s background is in complex systems – his research focused on herd behaviour and how it destroys markets. He spent 10 years covering technology as a journalist. At MoneyWeek, he helped build a research business that focused on biotech, R&D and breakthrough technology. He is currently writing a book on Simulation – and why it heralds an age of disturbing experiments.

Latest Briefings

Nanomedicine is maturing

Nanomedicine is maturing

The ability to re-engineer matter -- living and non-living -- at the atomic level is a key industrial story of the coming decade. The world of genes, proteins (3-100 nm), bacteria, viruses, telomeres, mitochondria (1-100 microns) and animal cells (mm) will come...

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DNA and the Future of Computing

DNA and the Future of Computing

The machine itself doesn’t look very impressive. In fact, it looks more like a home experiment…something you might use to distil your own gin or vodka. There are a few working parts: some glass bottles…some chemicals…a few sequencing devices. In total it cost...

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What our clients have to say

“Michael Orme combines unique, and often left-field, insight and analysis, which he presents in a compelling journalistic style. He reaches inside the convergence of the universes of the economy, technology and society and extracts for the reader the drivers while reading the entrails that portend to the future and the next big thing.”
Dr John Bates

Chief Technical Officer, Software AG (Voted one of the 10 most influential technologists by Institutional Investor)

“Mike has the uncanny ability to be ahead of the street in identifying the issues that will be talked about tomorrow or next week or even a month down the road. His insight into what is important to both investors and advisors is significant and his writing style lucid and precise. I have always found it very illuminating to read his work and pick his brains on international matters that has a bearing on my area of interest, emerging markets. In an increasingly interconnected world, the grey hair of experience of having been there and done that is a welcome sign when compared to the often contradictory talking heads of modern day television.”
Shankar Char

Former Head of Trading, ICICI Bank

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